Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ethical Trade

At SKYZ Stones, innovation and values are present in everything we do – especially in the way we function as a large family of experts. Unlike the conventional trade, we like to treat each other as members of a team doing what they are good at. We have the largest sandstone factory of India and our infrastructure is upgraded with all the modern technologies and facilities – and so is our workforce.

From all our quarries to factories and offices, our employees work in an ethical environment that is safe, productive, & empowering.

To maintain this, we have created a comprehensive Code of Labour with the following objectives:

  • To make sure workers feel free when they enter SKYZ and are not burdened with complicated contracts and bonds. They are free to find better opportunities and resign after a short notice.
  • To provide safe and hygienic working conditions with quality drinking water, basic amenities, regular health & safety training sessions.
  • To say a big NO to child labour! Minimum age for employment at SKYZ is 18.
  • To give 30 days of paid leaves to each employee and paying wages on time according to the local labour associations and industry benchmarks.
  • To make sure working hours do not exceed the industry benchmark.
  • To create an environment of non-discrimination and equality and welcome people from all castes, genders, religions, nationalities, and races to join SKYZ.
Ethical trade practices


Holy Cow may have become a cliché but not in most villages and towns of India. In India, cows are considered sacred and lovely creatures because of their peaceful vibe and pleasantness. They are harmless and give much more than they take. They are of great importance to our country's economy and worshipped by many as Mother Cow.

At SKYZ Stones, we have selected the cause to protect cows as one of our main charities because of the emotions that come along. Since childhood, we are taught to treat cows as friends and give them respect. Even in towns, 'Cow' or 'Gaai' in Hindi is one of the first words that a child learns to say.

Whenever we process an order, we donate Rs. 200 from SKYZ Stones for the protection of cows which goes for the care of these peaceful creatures.

We also organise blood-donation camps twice a year as a small gesture from the SKYZ family towards society and precious lives.